Klipsch PowerGate

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I own a Klipsch PowerGate. Basically it is a preamp that allows me to stream spotify to it which provides sound to my Pool area speakers.

Now this device does connect to my wifi.

There is an app for it that leverages wifi but I have not been able to find any developer docs on what commands it sends to the device over wifi.

Is there any where to get it to work in HA? Would I need to know the commands the app sends and do a custom rest integration?

I’ve been looking for this capability as well, the best we can hope for is that someone is able to reverse engineer the API and then creates an integration for it. I haven’t looked into it yet but the PowerGate also works with Amazon Echo as a speaker or as a speaker group so perhaps that’s an interface that could be used without having access to the API.

I’ve been trying to figure this one out for the longest time within the Google Home app, and it’s what led me to start using Home Assistant instead because I figured it might have the capability to connect to the PowerGate. Still haven’t figured out how to have it show up as a media player; but at least using the AirCast and AirSonos add-ons, it now shows up as an Airplay device on my phone. This gives me hope because it shows it is accessible to the HomeAssistant server…somehow. I just don’t have the technical knowhow to make it show up simply as a media player.

Have you guys had any luck integrating?

Narrowed it down a bit. Using dlna_dmr, I received the error I described in this post: dlna_dmr error (async_upnp_client.client.UpnpError) · Issue #49258 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I contacted Phorus, which is the company that programs and manufactures the software/hardware modules for the Powergate wireless streaming, at [email protected] and they filed this bug as an issue to fix. Not sure when to expect a fix, but if you’re reading this and having this problem, try emailing them and reporting the same issue - they may prioritize it if multiple people report this bug.

In the meantime I may try to modify the async_upnp_client code in my HA build to make it more tolerant to see if I can make this work before they send out a software update.