Kludge of a Lifetime

I’m not sure I can continue to think of myself as someone whose expertise is equal to his taste. Working around Apple’s security to accommodate iRobot’s poor excuse for HomeKit integration has lead me to commit the worst kludge of a long, reckless life. It’s so awful I had to draw to ensure I’d be able to remember WTF I did in six months…

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I’ve done some pretty horrible things too. I too wanted to call an iOS shortcut from HA. The way I did it was to write a file (file name = shortcut name) from HA. Then a folder action running on a Mac sees it and runs a workflow that runs a shell script to launch the shortcut (and then delete the file). Just as many moving parts as your equivalent of ifttt+pushcut, but they’re in my control and don’t require internet access. So arguably a better option, but surely there’s a betterer option out there.

I like your approach better than mine, which will surprise no one after learning I first looked at Home Assistant last Wednesday. :kissing_cat: