Known_devices.yaml with NMAP

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to update my HA configuration, with the release of v107 and the removal of states etc.

Something I’ve been using for some time without issue is the nmap_tracker for device tracking.
The configuration I’m using:

- platform: nmap_tracker
    track_new_devices: yes
    interval_seconds: 30
    consider_home: 600
    home_interval: 10
    scan_options: " --privileged -sP "

I understand that usage of the known_devices.yaml file is being removed, and I’ve seen this from other integrations like OwnTracks (which I also use) adding their trackers to the core.device_registry and core.entity_registry files.

I had some issues with porting my OwnTracks devices, but got there in the end by nuking them from the system, and having them re-register themselves.
So does anyone know if nmap_tracker should be using the new registry, if there are plans for it to, or if there’ anything we should be aware of regarding this?

Here are a couple of references that seems to say known_devices.yaml and nmap will continue to be used while others are/were to move to their own integrations for purposes of tracking:


This is great info, thanks!

Didn’t see this before. I’m just glad its not going to suddenly act weird (I guess that could still happen).

I’m glad they can both exist concurrently, as that works for my config.

Somehow my HA instance wouldn’t boot anymore since 107.x and into 108. Removing the nmap tracker fixed it for me. The configuration was allowed and therefore really hard to find this issue. Not sure why it isn’t working though but it also breaks my snapshots.

I suggest you open a new support thread about this, as it’s unrelated to this thread.
Good luck.