Knowzw max_temp and min_temp not showing up properly in HA

I recently set up a Kono Z-Wave thermostat. It’s set to run in Celsius, but for some reason the max and min temperature threshold is showing up in Fahrenheit.

Here are the way that the settings look in Z-Wave JS UI which looks correct and it appears correctly on the thermostat itself:

But in HA, the max and min temp are in showing up in F.

This is making things not work properly when I try to adjust the temperature in the HA UI, of course.

Any ideas on how I can sort this out?

I fixed the two erroneous values by overriding it in the customize.yaml file, so my problem is solved.

 # cat customize.yaml 
  hidden: false
  min_temp: 7
  max_temp: 30

Now my thermostat works: