KNX 3rd Party API (Server - Gateway)

Hello guys,

I am a bit confused, if someone can help.

The KNX Association released this KNX 3rd Party API Server that can be hosted on a RaspBerry Pi using Docker. They have a tutorial for that on Youtube.

KNX IoT 3rd Party API server demo part 1 - Ubuntu Core - YouTube

On their documentation (it is private - to login use the credentials shown on the video " GitLab documentation overview" in the tutorial) they claim " Any hardware running docker (including Raspberry Pi) With appropriate settings, can be connected to a KNX installation (only for versions >=, current)".

But this is not true, is it? To connect to a KNX installation you need a gateway that is able to connect (with some kind of hardware) to KNX devices that use TP and at the same time run a KNX 3rd party API server. A normal Raspberry Pi can run the server but cannot connect to the installation.

Please provide some information and some suggestion if you you any KNX 3rd Party API gateways.

Thanks a lot!

Without watching this video I can assure you it would definitely need a KNX IP interface or router in the TP installation - just as HA would need one to connect.
Afaik there are currently no hardware Knx IoT Gateways on the market.

I thought so. Thanks a lot for the reply Matthias!