KNX Climate according to season

I need to manage different setpoint according to season with several group address configurated in ETS.
For example:
“Actual temperature” on the group address 0/5/42 only in read
“State Summer/Winter” 0/5/45 only in read
“Actual setpoint” 0/5/46 only in read
“Comfort Winter Setpoint” 0/5/47 in read/write
“Standby Winter Setpoint” 0/5/48 in read/write
“Economy Winter Setpoint” 0/5/49 in read/write
“Comfort Summer Setpoint” 0/5/51 in read/write
“Standby Summer Setpoint” 0/5/52 in read/write
“Economy Summer Setpoint” 0/5/53 in read/write

Hi :wave:!
What actuator uses this configuration? Is there no combined “current setpoint” object you can use for writing the actual selected mode?

Hi, the actuator is VIMAR 02952 Touch Thermostat.
Unfortunately I have not found any object that can act as a combined Setpoint.

Maybe “setpoint shift” can be used for this. Or something can be unlocked in the parameters. Maybe have a look in the manual.
This is a quite unusual setup - I have not seen it in any other actuator. As a workaround you could configure 2 climate entities - one for heating and one for cooling.

I think your workaround will fine. However, I will hope that it will be implemented a new function to allow this mode. Unfortunately the setup of actuator is this: