KNX climate and thermostat problem

Hello dear wonderful community
I have a problem with the KNX thermostat and whish i can get some help.

this is my KNX climte setup
- platform: knx
name: meeting.climate
on_off_address: '4/4/0'
on_off_state_address: '4/5/0'
temperature_address: '4/4/14'
target_temperature_address: '4/4/1'
target_temperature_state_address: '4/5/1'
controller_mode_address: '4/4/1'
controller_mode_state_address: '4/5/1'
min_temp: 7.0
max_temp: 32.0

1- my home assistant thermostat card showing the heat icon two times. how I can solve this.
2- I can not change to other modes like fan or cool mode. it is stuck on the heat only.
3- how I can configure the swing or the fan speed with the climate card. where I should insert the KNX group address?

i have tried the next config but I could not fix any of the above problems.

entity: climate.meeting_climate
name: meeting
- auto
- cool
- heat
- dry
- fan
type: thermostat

entity: climate
type: thermostat


thanks for your help in advance
i appreciate any advice or support.

Someone had almost identical questions on GitHub lately.
Have a look here:

thank you very much
i will check it now