KNX Climate Integration


I am configuring this entity with KNX integration:

    - name: "Suelo Salon"
      on_off_address: "1/0/2"
      on_off_state_address: "1/0/3"
      temperature_address: "1/0/1"
      target_temperature_address: "1/0/4"
      target_temperature_state_address: "1/0/5"
      min_temp: 16.0
      max_temp: 30.0
      heat_cool_address: "1/0/8"
      heat_cool_state_address: "1/0/9"

When I turn on the thermostat, it always turns on in “heat” mode.

But how can I set it to always turn on in the mode it was in when I turned it off?


Yes, I remove from this configuration:

heat_cool_address: “1/0/8”

It works as I want, but I get the error:

Could not call climate/turn_on service. <DeviceIllegalValue description="controller (HVAC) mode not supported" value="HVACControllerMode.HEAT" />

Hello @farmio ,

should I set some attribute to on_off_address so that when activating the thermostat it does it in the current mode and not always in heat?


I don’t know what you mean by “some attribute”. You can only assign GAs here.
The correct configuration solely depends on your actuator and its configuration. The entity should use the mode last received on heat_cool_state_address.

The problem I have is that the entity does not use the last mode received, it always turns on in heat mode.

If in KNX I change the mode status to cool, in GA 1/0/9, in HA it changes to cool, but if I turn off the thermostat from HA and turn it on again, it always turns on in heat.

It should turn on in cool mode, shouldn’t it?

Yes, I guess. Does the actuator send anything when turned on?


The KNX thermostat is switched on by sending ‘1’ to KNX address 1/0/2 and sends its status to address 1/0/3.

Therefore, the thermostat sends ‘1’ to the KNX bus when switching on.

Aha. Does it ever send a 0 to “1/0/9” ?

Address 1/0/9 is the state of the thermostat mode.

The thermostat periodically sends its mode status to the bus.

Hello @farmio ,

I have made a diagnostic of the telegrams that are sent to the KNX BUS and the thermostat periodically sends its mode status to the address 1/0/9, but as I was saying, when I turn off the thermostat, it does not turn on in the previous mode.

Ah, I see. It’s the new climate.turn_on service that messes this up.
When you turn it back on from Knx it should work fine, does it?

Should be fixed in next release. It would be nice if you could (beta) test it then as I don’t have such controllers in my installation.

If from KNX it works correctly.


Let me know when the new version is ready and I’ll test it and let you know the result.

Thanks @farmio.

Beta starts last Wednesday of the month. Release is first Wednesday of the month.

Ok, thank you.

I’ll try it when it’s updated and let you know.

Hello @farmio ,

the changes you made have worked perfectly, now when you turn on the thermostat, it turns on in the last mode it was in.

Thank you very much for your help.

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