KNX cover: inverted direction in UI and inverted state

Hi, I use the KNX cover integration. There is a bug, at least since August 2019, but maybe since the integration exists.
Basic problem is, HA defines Closed as 0%, KNX defines Closed as 100% (at least most actuators). That’s why there are the options invert_position and invert_angle in the KNX cover config.
With these config options, the percentage values are correct, and my sliders in Loveloce work well. But the state is inverted (it says Closed when the cover is at 0%, but at 0% it’s open). And I have to press the “up” button if I want down and vice versa:
In the screenshot, the cover is open. Percentage is OK, State (“Geschlossen” means closed) is wrong, and I have to press the up-button to close it.

This bug is already described here:

But I want to ask you, if this is maybe the wrong place, as nobody took care of it. Can you tell me, where that should be fixed? In the KNX cover component, or in Lovelace, or in the Home Assistant Core itself?
Thank you

hey, have you seen this post: KNX Cookbook

pointing to this one:

maybe that also adresses your problem and get finally fixed in HA.

hey Chris, thank you, I didn’t know that thread. Yes, I think that should solve my problem…

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Just wanted to post the same issue … now I’ll have a look at these posts first too :wink: Thanks!

Ok, checked, tried … but it seems it’s still the same issue. Or did you find a solution that really works?

I I invert the values given, the percentages are right:
0% = open
100% = closed cover - as it’s the KNX standard - BUT

than open means close and close means open … so … not the best solution :frowning:

HA defines 0% as closed and 100% as open. If you like it or not.

Inverting or even only inverting position will not solve this - instead it will break interactions with HA and other integrations.
This would have to be changed in HA core, but I wouldn’t wait for it.

See WHY THE HECK can't we freely configure a Cover to interpret its percentage value as "percentage open" or "percentage closed"? - #48 by Jpsy

Did anyone try template cover? When reading the docs, I think that should be possible, but maybe one of you already has experience on that…

It’s always the same: UI may reflect ok but working with different integrations will cause problems. Eg. Voice assistants - you say “Open cover” and it will call 100% as absolute value - omitting your preferences.

Therefore it will not be supported natively by the knx Integration and I’d also not recommend to try to do it via templates.