KNX Energy Meter as "Individual Device"

Hi all,

I configured HA together with my Kostal Plenticore Plus to gather energy data of my home.
In addition, I would like to see energy used by my heat pump individually.

Heat Pump energy usage is measured by a MDT Energy Meter via KNX.
I configured HA as follows:

    # Wärmepumpe Energiezähler
    - name: "Wärmepumpe Energiezähler (KWh)"
      state_address: "9/2/4"
      type: active_energy_kwh

The value is properly received in KWh in HA. But I cannot add the value as Individual Device.

Do you have an idea how to set the entity accordingly?

Thanks and BR

Add state_class: total_increasing and check if the device_class is “energy” (I think it is by default for that DPT).

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Thanks a lot for your swift answer.
Really great community here :heart: