KNX: Fan entity misses attributes after update to core-2021.7.0

To control my Lunos decentralized ventilation I installed an appropriate KNX controller which worked fine before update to core-2021.7.0.

I was able to choose the attribute


to control the speed of the ventilation using the Lovelace card.

But after the update almost all attributes are missing:

I think this can be an Issue in context of the new “select entity” or am I just missing a configuration part:

- name: Lüftung OG
  address: 3/1/0
  state_address: 3/1/0
  max_step: 3
- name: Lüftung EG
  address: 3/1/1
  state_address: 3/1/1
  max_step: 3

I’ve got the same issue, I can see in my entities list that the Supported Features is set to 0, although it needs to have a value of 1 (which will allow the stepping feature).
quickly checking the code shows that some things where changed in the KNX fan component, likely that broke it. I’m getting my development setup back up to attempt a fix.

This should not return 0 but self._attr_supported_features

I actually just found this one as well, currently looking against which branch I need to open up a PR

dev. Just mention that it should be tagged for a bugfix release in the Description.

Thanks! opened the PR, 2021.7: Fan entity should return support features by Tommatheussen · Pull Request #52732 · home-assistant/core · GitHub


2021.7.1 just got released with a fix :slight_smile:

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