KNX Integration on WIN 10 Computer via Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager doesn't work

I have a huge KNX smart home installation. My idea was to use the HASS as frontend for vizualisation, command and control, and for tracking of certain entities (group communications).

I managed to install the HA, I managed to bring up the virtual machine and I managed to find a tunnel interface in my KNX plant, but now I got stuck with the creation of the config.yaml file for KNX. I got a parsed config.yaml file already, but I have no idea where I have to put and modify it for using it with the HA. Can anyone help me with that? Some people say I must install an FTP file server, and a proper terminal program. I did both (WINscp and PutTY), but what should I do with it?
Hope to get proper instructions soon!

Hi :wave:!

If you have HA OS installed, your best option is probably to use the VS Code Addon Home Assistant Community Add-on: Visual Studio Code and use it to edit your configuration.yaml directly in the browser.

Alternatively you can use VS Code locally and connect to your HA instance, but I’m not sure what you’d need to do that. I’m sure you can find some instructions in this forum.

Another way is to use the Samba addon addons/samba/ at 5b74a42e97eaf02bbc7bb070b4fac6f5145eb3a3 · home-assistant/addons · GitHub and mount the config directory at your local PC to manage the files.

Here is more documentation about this issue Configuration.yaml - Home Assistant

Where do you have that config.yaml from, and how did you get it parsed if you don’t access it from HA?

Regarding the title of this thread: Is there something not working about the KNX integration, or is it just missing configuration?

Thanks for the many hints - I will try them soon. As regarding “where did you get the file from?” - My son also uses HA with KNX, but on a Linux environment, so he has a different VM running and couldn’t help me so far. My problem indeed is the missing access to the file system to do the configuration.