KNX Integration

Hi all, I have a problem with the KNX integration:
I’m stuck at first.

my knx bus access point answers at and my raspberry is on the

I have the following addresses:

  • a light, on/off, no rgb or similar that responds to addresses 0/0/13 and its status 1/0/13

  • I have the indication of the amount of power produced by the photovoltaic that responds to the address 10/0/10

  • I have the temperature probe answering at 5/4/5.

For the moment I would just like to show on screen the value of these devices. How should I behave?
does anyone have a clear example from 0?

thank you

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Did you read the knx docs? Especially the lights and sensor part. There are examples on these pages as well. Try to set it up with the help of the docs, if you get stuck or you already read them and still don’t know what to do, come back and post the code you tried.

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I’ve found the problem: I do not reboot the server, only reload the part…
Now I’m able to connect my KNX lights :wink:


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Good morning I’m continuing my adventure with Home Assistant and I have this problem:

I have a sensor that shows me the energy produced by my solar panel:

  • Platformer: Knx
    name: ‘energy produced’
    state_address: ‘10/0/10’.
    type: ‘DPT-9’

everything works correctly but, the display on the graph is very, very slow and I think it depends on the update rate of the sensor (1 time per second).
Can I read the data every 30 seconds to lighten the load?
Do you have any other ideas?