KNX names changed after upgrade

I upgraded to the latest version of Home Assistant and had to remove the ‘tunneling:’ entry for KNX. Instead I had to add KNX again as an integration. Though this did seem to work correctly I now have the issue that things like covers now get a new name in HA. A new entry was added with the same name but followed by _2. Example Cover_Kitchen now became Cover_Kitchen_2. Cover_Kitchen no longer works. I did not make any other changes to the knx.yaml file except removing the tunneling. How can I revert back to the original names of the covers? I do not see a definition of Cover_Kitchen_2 anywhere.
For lights this change did not happen so the original name Light_Kitchen remained.


Hi :wave:!
From which version did you upgrade?
You can just rename the entities names and their entity_id in the UI.


I upgraded from 5.13 to 7.6.
Strange that this only happened to some things like covers. And besides renaming I would also have to remove the original ones since they no longer work.

Aha. Are these HA OS versions? Do you know core versions (like 2022.4.0) as I am not familiar with HA OS?

And sure, delete the ones not working. I assume you didn’t Update core for a longer time and therefore missed some migrations that are not longer available.

Yes core was also updated to 2022.4.5 (not sure from which version some 2021 one).

Well, that’s a long time ago… better check your logs - lots of config options regarding Knx have changed since.