KNX read status not working

Hi, Folks, good morning!

My HomeAssistant is running on a QNAP’s Virtual Machine at Version:

Home Assistant 2023.3.5
Supervisor 2023.03.1
Operating System 9.5
Frontend 20230309.1 - latest

Everything is running the most current stable version.

The status of my windows is reported by HOPPE SecuSignal via enocean to my eibPort using the 1ByteValues 0 (closed), 1 (tilt) and 129 (wide open), so I can read from a sum of values of a defined area, if at least one Window is tilt (Sum is 1 to 128) or one is open (Sum >= 129). Btw … I don’t have 128 Windows in my house.

If I open a Windows the HomeAssistants KNX Sensor shows the correct value, 129, for this windows. But … After restarting the HA each Window’s value is “Unknown” until the window handle is actuated.

And I haven’t got a clue … Does anybody out there … every clue leading to the goal is rewarded with a large beer.

Thanks, guys, for reading and have a nice day!!

Hi :wave:!
The HA Knx integration sends a GroupValueRead request for every state_address (if not configured otherwise by sync_state). If that request was not answered the state will show “unknown”.
You are probably missing a Read-Flag in ETS for the state of your windows.

Have a look at the logs Open your Home Assistant instance and show your Home Assistant logs. those will probably tell you which GAs didn’t respond to read requests.

Currently there is no state restoration for KNX sensors. If your state is not readable from the bus for whatever reason, you could use an event based template sensor with knx_event. I think those restore the previous state after restart of HA.
With those you could also quite easily turn your 0, 1, 129 into more readable sensor states like closed, tilted, open since HA sensors can have string states.

Excuse me … I didn‘t leave the state of „try and error“ yet.

Could you please show me how my lines should look like?

Thanks a lot!

(You‘re approaching the beer ….)

This is probably the thing you want to look at first. There is nothing to do in HA.
Open ETS and try if you can read the Group Address from the “Diagnostics - Group monitor”. If there is no answer Post a screenshot of the GAs links here (with flags field visible).

Hi, Farmio!

Thanks for your quick answers, sorry for my delay …

So then, the readflag is set to true, and the GroupMonitor doesn’t show any error …


Well, time to post some logs and infos about your config (yaml) / installation (routing? line couplers? HAs individual address and the devices address, Etc)
Does the read request from HA on startup appear in group monitor? Is it answered?