KNX Scenes read

i configured some scenes on my knx ets software and start those scenes through a gira touch button.

How can i react on a scene which is started through my gira touch button and do automations in node red, after the scene is started?


Hi :wave:!

I have no idea about NodeRed, but in HA you’d use a knx_event
or, if you want to have an entity for it instead of an event, a KNX sensor with always_callback: True and sync_state: False

oh perfect. so simple. it works. I can also use the sensor state change in node red.

Using a KNX sensor may cause problems!
Sometimes when connection to KNX interface is lost, i have the problem, that the sensor fires a changed event and so the last scene is started (depending on the old value of the sensor)!!!

My current integration uses KNX event_filter with the group address for the scene number in KNX.

    - address:
       - "2/0/0"
      type: 'scene_number'

In Node Red i listen to knx_events and react on the KNX scene group address and the event value (scene number) and call the HA scene

With this, i did not see the problems any longer and i have no unnecessary HA sensors.

To call KNX scenes from HA i use the normal KNX scenes.