KNX Secure


Could you add support for “KNX Secure”?



Can you please explain what “KNX Secure” is?

I’m a little bit familiar with KNX but I guess KNX secure is encrypted?

Yes it’s encrypted Knx.
Currently there are no plans to support this in xknx but it would be really nice if someone would be willing and able to contribute this.

Thanks for the information, I am interested to secure communication between HA and KNX ROUTER. I contacted the KNX association to have the technical documentation.

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Thanks, that makes sense - it does sounds like a reasonable request.

I’ve been using MQTTS for a while which is essentially MQTT with encryption, so it would be nice if KNX has something similar in HA. :slight_smile:

Did you ever managed to add KNX secure to your HA?

KNX secure is still not supported.

The was some work done by @farmio in a pull request recently:


So, we now have support for KNX IP Secure tunnelling. Be sure to test it in current beta (2022.4).

Documentation can be found here until it is released: KNX Secure Netlify Preview
You will need to delete the integration, re-add it and select “tunnelling”.