KNX State Update problem (same state as before)

I’m still relatively new to home assistants, so I don’t have that much experience yet.

I have integrated my KNX bus and, among other things, my Siemens kitchen appliances (Home connect) into Home assistant.

Now I have built an automation, when I turn on the KNX light switch, the light on my extractor hood is also turned on in Home Assistant via the automation. Same thing when switching off.

That works fine when i only use the knx switch.

However, when I last turned off the KNX switch, I have the status “off” on the object in the Home Assistant.

If I now turn on the light of the extractor hood manually on the hood and then want to turn it off using the KNX switch, the automation in Home Assistant does not start.

However, I can see via the bus monitor that the status of the KNX switch is “off” and is sent to home assistant.

It seems to me that it doesn’t update the status in home assistant when the old and new status are the same.

Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks and regards !

Hi :wave:!

Regarding entities, you are right. An unchanged status doesn’t trigger a state_changed event.

That said, it seems you are trying to use a “proxy entity” - a KNX switch or something without a KNX actuator to couple a different HA entity to!? That wouldn’t be a good idea.

Use KNX expose or an automation with knx.send service to forward the HA entities state to KNX if needed.
Use a KNX device trigger to act on telegrams and call HA services (like light.turn_on). See

I don’t use a knx switch for this, which doesn’t control anything in knx.

I have a switch in knx, it controls a light in the kitchen (knx actuator) on and off via a toggle function and I also report this object to ha via a light switch.

The status for switching over the Toogle function is based on a KNX logic on the status light in the kitchen and the status light on the extractor hood (I report this back to KNX via expose from HA.

So it is an object that is supposed to control a knx actor and an entity in ha.

What is the best way in an ha automation to Trigger the Automation by knx Status also when i get the Same Status twice ?

Hm… tbh it is a bit hard to follow. Let me summarize that:

You have a logic-status-GA that sends “kitchen light OR hood light”. This is used as status for your switch so it sends OFF next time when one of them is ON (or ON when none is on).

You want to turn a HA entity ON when the Knx switch sends ON (and OFF when it sends OFF) to a command-GA.

If that is the case, you can use a device trigger (see link above) with the command-GA to call the light.turn_* services.

Yes, the logic is as you described it.

I found a solution.

I use the switching GA as a trigger.

As a condition, I use the logic status GA, which I integrate into HA as a binary sensor.

I then need an automation for switching on and an automation for switching off.
But it works very well.

Thanks for the explanation and the tips !