KNX support


Nice installation. The KNX code is not merged into the development release.
Right now it supports only switching actors, but I’m working on a thermostat.


In my system, the thermostats are located in the wall switches. But what about reading broadcasted values?

All the switches broadcast the temperature, and external sensors also broadcast sunlight, rain, and wind.


In general this is possible, but it hasn’t been implemented yet. I will first work on a thermostat module, but an KNX temperature sensor should be easy to implement based on this.


This is awesome! Would love to see support for KNX dimmers and shutter and can help with testing. Thanks for the effort @openha.


@sandervd Unfortunately I don’t have a dimmer and/or shutter actor in my lab. I would need somebody sponsoring these for development purposes.
Other option is that somebody else does this code. I


It looks like KNX component keeps disconnecting from the KNX router. I’ve noticed that at some point all switches stop working i.e. they stop receiving feedback from physical buttons and also if you try flipping any switch from HASS UI it just jumps back to off position in a second. The only way to solve it is to restart HASS. I’ve also tried setting logger to debug level but there are no error messages, just regular ones:

16-08-09 11:59:18 homeassistant.core: Bus:Handling <Event call_service[L]: domain=homeassistant, service_data=entity_id=switch.av_room_spotlights, service=turn_on, service_call_id=140409023294376-42>

Is there anything I can do to help you debug it? I’ve tried running HASS on wired RPI3 and moved to Ubuntu Server VM so it is nothing to do with power saving of WiFi in RPI.


What IP interface are you using? I might need to build in a reconnect feature.


Thanks for responding. I have Siemens 5WG1 146-1AB02 IP Router installed.


Ok, please open a bug report here:

I will think how we can debug this.


Thanks, I’ve opened a bug report.


hi guys

I am thinking about putting this into production at my new home. But I don’t see the KNX logo yet at the webpage, is everything okay with it, ie production ready?

(edited: I saw the merge)


Any developments in KNX support? In my eyes, this is a game changer, the installed base of legacy KNX systems must be significant. Would there be any way to get more developers interested?



I’m testing home-assistant in my old house without knx - and it’s really great.

Soon I will start plan my new house with knx.

How good is the knx support? Is everything working? Is it the right choice?

@openha are you using everything with home-assistant and knx?



My HA installation will go productive with KNX in about 2 months. Right now, it’s only used on a small test pad. However, there are already some users using it in their houses.


@openha my knx-supported house is getting built as we speak, would love to see support for dimmers. Have you got dimmers in your lab or can users (us) be of any assistance in this matter?


Dimmer support will come, but I won’t start with this in the next 2 months.


If you are still interested in testing:


It would be really nice to add HVAC support so operational mode can be controlled (Comfort/Away/Frost protect)


There already is an awesome variety of media player devices available. Thank you for providing this!

In addition I would like to propose to offer support for a media player component for the KNX platform.

I would appreciate to test this component with my trivum RP310 music player. Documentation is available here:

Technical details

Device specification


Hi All, Thanks for all your input and work so far, I am looking at an RGB setup have the light working as three separate entities.I have asked the KNX engineer for a list and it big, but I am getting an error

Could not read value of <Light name=“Steamroom RED” switch=“GroupAddress(“1/6/0”)/GroupAddress(“1/6/3”)/None/None” brightness=“GroupAddress(“1/6/1”)/GroupAddress(“1/6/4”)/None/None” /> 1/6/4

this is a snip of the details i was given
FIRST FIRST.RGB.1/6/5 RGB steam room GREEN ON–OFF EIS 1 ‘Switching’ (1 Bit) Low
FIRST FIRST.RGB.1/6/6 RGB steam room GREEN REG EIS 2 ‘Dimming - control’ (4 Bit) Low
FIRST FIRST.RGB.1/6/7 RGB steam room GREEN BYTE Uncertain (1 Byte) Low
FIRST FIRST.RGB.1/6/8 RGB steam room GREEN ON–OFF Status EIS 1 ‘Switching’ (1 Bit) Low
FIRST FIRST.RGB.1/6/9 RGB steam room GREEN BYTE Status Uncertain (1 Byte) Low

this is in config Yaml.

light 95:

  • platform: knx
    name: Steamroom GREEN
    address: '1/6/5’
    brightness_address: '1/6/6’
    state_address: '1/6/7’
    brightness_state_address: ‘1/6/8’

Any ideas of what to put where, I where the last address goes i aint got a clue, Climate controls have also got me confused and it was all in spanish. i can get the heating to turn on/off and the aircon mid low and high that was simple but for some reason i can only turn the temperature down??

  • platform: knx
    name: Bedroom temperature
    temperature_address: '1/3/0’
    setpoint_shift_address: '1/3/2’
    setpoint_shift_state_address: '1/3/2’
    target_temperature_address: '1/3/2’
    operation_mode_address: ‘1/3/4’
FIRST FIRST.CLIMA.1/3/2 CLIMA PA TEMP DESIRE Status Uncertain (2 Byte)
FIRST FIRST.CLIMA.1/3/1 CLIMA PA TEMP desire status Uncertain (2 Byte)
FIRST FIRST.CLIMA.1/3/3 CLIMA PA Floor heat BUTTON EIS 1 ‘Switching’ (1 Bit)
FIRST FIRST.CLIMA.1/3/4 CLIMA PA Aircon BUTTON EIS 1 ‘Switching’ (1 Bit)
FIRST FIRST.CLIMA.1/3/5 CLIMA PA HOT Status EIS 1 ‘Switching’ (1 Bit)
FIRST FIRST.CLIMA.1/3/6 CLIMA PA COLD Status EIS 1 ‘Switching’ (1 Bit)

Translate best i can
Any help would be much appreciated.