KNX weather station - missing attributes


I have a MDT weather station and have added the configuration to my knx.yaml like this:

  - name: "3.3 AB/Dach - Wetterstation"
    address_temperature: "14/2/18"
    address_brightness_east: "14/3/0"
    address_brightness_south: "14/3/1"
    address_brightness_west: "14/3/2"
    #address_brightness_north: "7/0/11"
    address_wind_speed: "14/3/4"
    #address_rain_alarm: "7/0/5"
    #address_frost_alarm: "7/0/6"
    #address_wind_alarm: "7/0/7"
    address_day_night: "14/3/11"
    #address_air_pressure: "7/0/9"
    #address_humidity: "7/0/10"
    sync_state: true

When looking at the state of the entity in the developer tools it looks like this:

temperature: 14.1
temperature_unit: °C
pressure_unit: hPa
wind_speed: 6.8
wind_speed_unit: km/h
visibility_unit: km
precipitation_unit: mm
friendly_name: 3.3 AB/Dach - Wetterstation

Where are all the brightnesses and day/night attribute? Am I missing anything?

Hi :wave:!
See KNX - weather station vs. sensor? - #2 by farmio

Thanks. Although I had found that thread I did not read it carefully enough. I was missing this part:

Some of the configurable attributes of the weather entity are used for internal calculations but are not available as entity attributes for automations etc. (e.g. brightness ).