KNX with remote access

I’m in the process of setting up HA with KNX

I note that KNX secure is not supported !
I’m ultimately looking to access devices remotely can this still be achieved via a dynamic or VPN route ?

Knx Secure has nothing to do with remote access.
If the VPN is set up correctly it should work. The HA instance has to be on the same network as the knx interface (no NAT).


So there must be a way of gaining access via a dynamic address and port forwarding?
Otherwise the set up HAS to be physically on the same network (i.e. in the same physical location) as the thing I’m trying to monitor remotely ?

Bearing in mind I want to look at multiple remote connections.

It doesn’t care about the physical network, It has to be on the same logical network as your knx/ip interface. As I said, a VPN can do this. As long as there is no NAT involved (and ideally multicast is available) KNX/IP will work.

The HA knx integration doesn’t support multiple tunnelling connections. It does support routing but this has to be set up from ETS to not use the same GAs in the different locations.

You may run a HA instance on every location and connect them anyhow. You could then access the HA entities instead of the knx bus directly.