Kodak baby monitor - Kodak Smart Home Portal

Hi all,

I would like to share the custom component that I made for the Kodak Smart Home/Kodak Cherish Baby Monitor.

Before I started my home automation with Home Assistant, I had the Kodak Cherish Video Baby Monitor, that allows you to use its own monitor display, Kodak Smart Home App in mobile phone to live streaming/events or even the web Kodak Smart Home Portal to see the motion detection and the recorded video for motion detection.

Recently I decided to start developing the integration for Kodak.
First I developed a Python API for the Kodak Smart Home Portal, once they don’t provide a public API.

After that I developed the custom component that can be used to have the camera motion recorded video.

Next steps, I will implement sensors, following by motion, noise and battery sensors.

Once it gets a good shape I will be submitting a Pull Request to have it as a component in the home-assistant repository as well.

Testers are welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi kairo… I have a Kodak Camera, and home-assistant, i just a begginer, but i can be a tester for you! if i can help, please contact me.

Hi Cristian,

Glad to hear that you can test.
So, you need follow the instructions in the repository, basically is installing using HACS.

Let me know if you need some help.

Hello there,

it stopped to work, are you aware? Or maybe I missed sth.

020-03-19 18:13:54 ERROR (SyncWorker_19) [custom_components.kodak_smart_home] Unable to fetch camera from Kodak Smart Home Portal: Unexpected HTTP CODE error <!DOCTYPE html>
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Hi @JayCee, looks they changed something in their portal.
I will have a look this weekend. I opened an issue for it:

Hey there, did you have chance to track the changes on the portal? Regards

I have tried to set this up, but I get my region isn’t valid. I set my region code to ‘US’, is it ‘NA’ or is there no region code for America. Thanks.

This would be awesome if you could take another look to get it going. Thanks!

Hi everyone, I will try to find time ASAP to fix it

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So far the only region supported is EU.
If you could share some information used in US region I could have a look and try to implement soon. :wink:

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What information do you need to get started on this and how does one get this information?

I’m happy to help with whatever I can, but not sure how to get what you need.

Noob alert but I’d like to test this as well. I have a C120 and a C525 camera. So far I’m getting these errors:

Kodak Smart Home Setup
Error: You entered an incorrect username or password. Check your sign in details and try again. Take note your account will be locked after next 4 failed attempt(s). Then you have to wait for 30 minutes to try again.
You will need to restart Home Assistant after fixing.

Invalid config
The following integrations and platforms could not be set up:

  • kodak_smart_home
  • kodak_smart_home.camera
    Please check your config.

I have the correct username/password (tried both username and email) and I’m not sure what the issue with the config is. My config looks like this:

   username: [username]
   password: [password] (I don't have a secret file yet so I just left these out)
   region: 'EU' (I'm in Canada but I see you don't have US/NA yet so I just left it.)
   - platform: kodak_smart_home

Hi everyone,

The Kodak Smart Home is not working, they changed their Portal and it requires changes.
I will try to work on in next days I have this bug open to myself https://github.com/kairoaraujo/python-kodaksmarthome/issues/3

US Region

I opened this bug/feature request to implement support. So far only EU is supported.


I assume there is no progress on getting this added for US region?

So I got the integration to login with the India (r1) credentials. A new camera entity got generated, however, the stream doesn’t come up. any suggestions?

Hi, I am trying to get this going, but I get the following error:

Integration error: kodak_smart_home - Requirements for kodak_smart_home not found: ['python-kodaksmarthome==0.1.4b0'].

Can anyone help?

hey @2600box I see that you worked out the issue!? Im trying to use your repo of python-kodaksmarthome but cant work out how to modify the manifest.json to get it working, any tips?

Sorry for the delay. I hit a roadblock and I think it requires changing the region, but essentially creating a new account with Kodak.

Life got in the way and I did not progress any further.