Kodi integration not working?

So I have kodi installed on my xbox one and am using the kodi remote kore without issue however I cannot figure out how to get the integration to work. It doesn’t give me the option for username or password but it’s all default. Kodi is the user. No password. It just says failed to connect. Is there a way to do this?

Enable the web interface in your Kodi installation and configure this via the integrations UI:

and if you want HA to auto discover your Kodi instance, what I found out this week… make sure not only the option for control of Kodi over http is enabled (web interface) but also Zeroconf/avahi-daemon is enabled.

I enabled remote control via http and it works with the kore app but It won’t work with home assistant

need more info. how did you install HA, what’s your network like, are you blocking any network traffic, etc.

Home assistant installed on docker on raspberry pi 4b on raspbian (raspberry pi os) both the xbox kodi is installed on and the home assistant are plugged into a consumer tp link router. The phone running kore is also connected to the same router via WiFi. I can control kodi via kore from my phone fine. The home assistant won’t work controlling it. Theirs nothing being blocking home assistant that I’m aware of. There’s nothing blocking my xbox I’m aware of. Seems to work fine from my phone. I’ll try directly accessing it from the browser on the base operating system from the raspberry pi os.

Ya so idk what it could be Because I can’t get it to work.

Start at the beginning. Can you ping the kodi machine from the rpi?

I restarted the home assistant a few times and it just started working so I’m guessing it’s fine :man_shrugging:

But yes I could access the web interface from the pi fine.

Hello all

I’m trying to integrate kodi into home assistant. I am running kodi 19.3 on HTPC a laptop and in by march next year on an other htpc which will include in the automation a stereo a projector a screen an amp and lights.

I do have HA integrated to kodi However this is of little use

All my kodi instances have the web interface enabled

HA is installed on a debian 11 laptop *which also has kodi *that i do not use)) and the all other devices are windows 10. All devices are all wired to the same network

yet when i try to configure the kodi integration an I insert http://the ip address of my kodi device
and in port i have 8080 (which is set as default)

i click finish and i get connection failed

what did i miss?

thank you for your help


Ya I did that in Kodi settings. The Kodi Instance is on a Xbox one.

I gave up on getting it to work and just use a rm3 infrared blaster

That’s a pity. Control over IP has a lot of advantages.

Your telling me. It’s a frekin infrared communication method. Like the least efficient data transmission method without any way of ensuring data was received. And it bugs my router out something fierce for no apparent reason. Thanks tp-link…

Hello all


Thank you for pointing me to this

I installed bonjour on my Kodi pc and enabled zeroconf with no UID PWD. i enabled the web interface in kodi options/Settings/Services/control with no password using chorus web interface
still when i enter the ip address of the htcp and port 8080 i still get the connection failed error

i did restart kodi (and the pc)

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You are not alone. There might be a problem with the Kodi library Home Assistant relies on:

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Would you mind checking if your Kodi JSON RPC is responding with duplicate Content-Length headers?

If you see two Content-Length headers instead of one, I think that is causing it to break the HA integration (specifically the library Home Assistant uses for Async HTTP). If you have a similar issue to me, your report on GitHub would be very helpful in resolving the issue.

Hello all

you are right ver 19 of kodi is definitely not completed or stable. It had issues with building and assigning playlists youtube weather and other addons. So I uninstalled version 19 and reverted to ver 18.9 and all works.

the plugin works only if kodi is running on the targeted pc. If kodi is running the then i can manage kodi from phone via HA

I do have kodi to start when the computer powers up and the playlist start playing … almost great

2 issues remain)

  1. how do i control multiple kodi instances ( by march I will have 5 of them, however only 2 will need to be part of an automation (or should be part of it)?
  2. how do i start kodi as part of the automation once the pc is started with WOL as opposed to start it it via task manager?

thank you for your help