Kodi not connecting

Hello all,
Since last Kodi update Hassio can’t connect to Kodi.
I didn’t change anything in my config since it was working.

  • platform: kodi
    name: Kodi living room
    host is ok, I can connect over web UI.
    Kodi is always shown as Off.
    Kodi version 17.6

Does anybody have similar problem?

I’ve only used HA with 17.6, it came out four months ago :slight_smile: , and it’s working fine.

I did have the documented issue with it not responding so had to use the enable_websocket: false workaround but found that always had an annoying delay. Cure was to ditch that and set the port to 80 rather than the default which is 8080 and now it responds immediately every time.

Don’t know if that will cure your problem as, like I said, I haven’t used earlier versions with HA to know if it’s any different.

Thank you.
That worked.
Set port to 80 and it is working now.

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