Kodi / XBMC (PLEX unintentionally too!) Notification


With a lot of copy and pasting I made a notification component for Kodi / XBMC (and surprisingly PLEX too).

Soon to be included in HASS hopefully. https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/3403


Not sure what this does even after reading the readme on the github; are you saying this sends a notification that is displayed on Kodi/Plex in some way? Can you show a screen shot of that or something? Because if that’s what this does I’m really interested.

Is this doing something like this photo???

If so I’m interested too … I need to move away from pushbullet since their new 500 messages x month policy …

Me too. PlexPush seems to only notify to pushbullet for Plex events; this would be awesome.

little out of topic but … can somebody recommend a good post to set up a Dev Environment for Python??? (+ dev tool/suite … )

I’m relaly looking forward to play more with this and little tired of Notepad or nano :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that is exactly what it does, I’ve updated the github with an image.

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ok, then I’d love to have it :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome; you might want to repost the link though - gonna be hard to find without it. LOL

I would move this into Show Your Projects as well. I can do this for you once it’s edited if you like.

Seems I was a bit to aggressive with my editing lol.

Moving would be nice, thanks.

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Thank YOU. Looking forward to trying this out.

Nice :+1:

I’ve been using a shell_command with a python script for this functionality. Was going to re-investigate my option as when using JSON to send notifications, among other things, if the screensaver is active, the notification does not show. However, I’ve been playing around with kodi-send (kodi-eventclients-kodi-send) which doesn’t have that issue & seems to work a bit better than controlling Kodi with JSON.

I recommend Atom, been using it a while as a replacement for Notepad++ & it has made my coding much more enjoyable.


I use either ConTEXT which is free or RapidPHP.

PLEX too? Anything special for that install?

I second ATOM

Just port 3005 apparently.

3005? or 32400?

Sep 12 09:52:32 localhost hass[6181]: ERROR:homeassistant.loader:Unable to find component notify.kodi
Sep 12 09:52:32 localhost hass[6181]: ERROR:homeassistant.bootstrap:Unable to find platform notify.kodi

All I get, and plex isn’t listening on 3005 that I can see…

Someone on gitter who has Plex said 3005.


ty I am asking, I have never seen that port before. So think it is incorrect.