Konnected alarm status not keeping state after HA restart

I have a sensor.alarm_arm_status entity which comes from the Konnected integration but sometimes I might need to restart HA when the alarm is armed and when it comes back online it looses the state and shows off as disarmed.

- id: !secret konnected_board2
      discovery: false
      host: !secret konnected_board2_ip
      port: !secret konnected_board2_port
        - zone: 1
          type: window
          inverse: true
          name: 'Main Bedroom'
        - zone: 2
          type: window
          name: 'Alarm Status'
        - zone: 3
          type: window
          name: 'Alarm Arm Status'

Any ideas on how I can keep its state after reboot?

@heythisisnate Any ideas?

I was searching for info on this same problem. Restarting HA causes the Open sensor to revert to Closed state, even though the Konnected status is Open. I can Open/Close my front door and see the state changes in HA but the currently open Garage door does not change. Closing and opening the Garage door brings it back to life in HA. For some reason it seems the integration is not polling the current state on restart, and instead is waiting for updates from konnected?

Edit: Disabling and then re-adding Pin 2 brings it to life in HA also.

Kinda hard to notice this snip from the konnected web interface. Pin 2 is the Garage:

Garage not updating. This is after Front was open/closed and changed states. They are listed alphabetical, but Pin 1 is Front Entry and Pin 2 is Garage Entry

Garage log in HA.Just checking along the way to see what’s not right.

My issues above must have been connection related as now if I restart HA, konnected alarm status keeps it’s value past a restart.

Well I was typing up a reply and verifying again. I was able to duplicate it several times in a row. Rebooting my Ubuntu server would fix it the first start up, but the next HA restart it would go from Open to Closed. The only error on startup besides failing to reach update server, was a message about untested HACS and how it could cause problems. I’m not sure I even installed HACS successfully, but I found it in the custom_components directory and deleted it. Now when I restart HA it shows the correct state by first going to “unknown” and then updating itself to the current “open” status. Ironically I see 1 entry in the startup log now that says it was unable to connect to the Konnected IP to get status. But the status is correct, so it must have connected after that.

So it seems to be resolved…

Bah. It reared its head again. At this time it seems to be sort of random, but mostly doesn’t show correct state. Manually closing/opening the sensor brings it back to life every time it isn’t showing correct after HA restart.