Konnected binary sensors stopped working

Hello all would love some help or ideas. Recently noticed my konnected binary sensors stopped updating. Problem is I can’t tell if its due to some changes on my end or a possible bug. I just migrated my system from a raspberry pi over to a vm at that point I was on 0.90.1 and everything seemed to be working although I will be honest I don’t think i checked the binary sensors as I saw them show up and didn’t think anything of it. So just the other day I upgraded to 0.92.2 and noticed the issue. I turned on the logging for the konnected component and don’t get any errors but noticed all the sensors and switches inital state are set to None. DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.konnected] Set up binary_sensor Front Door (initial state: None) Dont know if that’s correct or an actual problem.

As an update here i just tried rolling back to 0.92.0 ( the oldest snap shot I still have here) and can confirm that the problem still exists. So still don’t know if this is an update issue from 0.92.0 on or a result of my moving over to a vm.