Konnected.io - no binary_sensor detected

Few days ago I have connected a NodeMcu with the Konnected.io firmware
I have read a lot of posta, but they are old and they speak about the old kind of integration.
I’ve not used any line in the configuration.yaml
I’ve simply used the Integration
(It’s possible to access my HA from remote via https/duckdns)
HA seems not to be able to read the status of the binary_sensors
I can correctly read their status calling directly Konnected board ip page
In HA I have tried to overcome the Url without results
what can I try to modify?

thank you

In case you had the same problem, I have found a solution installing NGINX

to add a line in the installation instructions, could be useful

I’m not really following what you are asking but I can tell you that I ended up giving up on konnected. I had only 2 devices connected but the nodecnu was rebooting so often, I had to find a different solution. I tried different nodemcus with no luck. Different access points, etc. I ended up switching to ESPHome using the GPIO Binary_Sensor. Absolutely no reboots now and it just works as expected, every time.