Konnected.io - no motion detected

I set up Konnected today with the wiring from the pre-installed home security system in my house, which includes 3 motion sensors split into 3 zones.

I followed instructions as per the site. I did not run into any apparent issues while installing - connected to my wifi just fine and show up as connected devices when I look at my router.

I configured in Home Assistant as per instructions as well. Everything here seems to be working fine. Used Ngnix for SSL, did not change base url in configuration so konnected is using http.

HA side appears to all be working fine, discovery is working etc, but no events are received from konnected.

Would I expect to see any voltage change across the motion sensor wire when motion is detected? Using a multimeter I don’t detect anything (My understanding was that most PIR will have a high 3V signal when activated) my PIR sensors are old paradox 476, 4 wire sensors.

Note will also post this on konnected.io as might be more related to the hardware.

Any thoughts?

I had a similar issue when I first set up my Konnected INTERFACE boards.
I could see the LEDs on the Konnected boards change and the binary sensor states change in the web interface of Konnected but not in HA.

I had to add api_host: with my HA IP address and port to the konnected: section…


It didn’t seem to like resolving my host name even though it wasn’t using SSL in base_url:

Not sure about the voltage side of things, sorry.

Thanks @Scotty,

I have tried checking on the direct web interface on the secret port :slight_smile: but never see any sensors report anything or see the LED on the board flash.

I’m not sure if measuring the voltage is the correct way to understand what changes when the sensor triggers. If I hook it back up it indicates correctly on the alarm panel so some signal is flowing through.

Next step might be to look at the konnected source and see if I can increase the sensitivity.