Konnected is hiring! Looking for a Home Assistant obsessed software engineer to join our team long term

Konnected is a U.S. based startup on a mission to make smart home monitoring easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone via our products that make it simple to retrofit a traditional alarm system to work with smart home platforms like Home Assistant. Konnected’s flagship Konnected Alarm Panel product family are ESP8266 / ESP32 based devices specifically designed for alarm system and smart home integrations. We just raised over $1 million on StartEngine to take the company to the next level, and we’re looking for a talented, passionate, and experienced software engineer to join us on that journey.


This is a full-time (remote) role with tons of flexibility. For the right candidate, it could also be an ongoing side hustle, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you think you may be interested but not looking for a 100% full-time job. See our official job posting here.

Thanks to @balloob and @zsarnett for allowing me to post here! Konnected grew organically from the SmartThings and Home Assistant community, and we make it a point to hire from within the community. I find that the best candidates are those that are already users (or prospective users) and have a passion for the open, interconnected, and local smart home.

As a talented polyglot engineer on the Konnected team, you’d be responsible for or involved in:

  1. Building and maintaining our Home Assistant integration (live since 2018!) for our current products and new products upcoming.
  2. Being a point of contact for Konnected’s application into the new Works With Home Assistant partner program.
  3. Build and develop software features for new and upcoming products, including wireless products, smart home wall-mount displays, LTE communication modules, and more.
  4. Working on Konnected’s cloud platform technology, including our mobile app, cloud services on AWS, integrations with other smart home platforms, and possibly custom builds for commercial/enterprise customers.
  5. Growing Konnected’s sales capability by developing support and out-of-the-box experience packages to get up and running quickly with Home Assistant + Konnected as an alarm system.
  6. Assisting sales with technology bundles that can be deployed by smart home installers quickly and repeatably.
  7. R&D on new product ideas, new hardware ideas, and new software capabilities.

We’re open to candidates all over the world. Indicate your interest by applying here, replying to this message, or DM me with any questions you may have.

Nate Clark
Konnected Founder & CEO


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