Konnected, Moisture Sensor Reporting Wet when Dry (template help)

I feel terrible reaching out, but my efforts & searches have been unsuccessful.

I have been trying to create a seemingly straight forward template that will report Konnected Moisture Sensors accurately. Currently, these moisture sensors report “wet” when they are “dry” and vise versa. I’m also having the same issue with the main water shutoff valve; it reports closed when in fact it’s open. I’ve attached a screenshot of the applicable dashboard / cards.

Here’s my Home Assistant configuration:
Konnected (ESPHome Integration)
Core (2024.5.5)
Supervisor (2024.05.1)
Operating System (12.3)
Frontend (20240501.1)

I have not been successful in using “Dev Tools” and to add to my embarrassment I don’t think I have actually been able to find the configuration.yami file.

I’m confident that I am missing a very fundamental detail/concept somewhere and appreciate your patience with a new guy trying to learn a new system.
Kind Regards

Tell us about the sensors. Did you flash them with firmware yourself?

It would seem that the sensor inputs need to be inverted.

I did flash the firmware myself with great caution. I’ve also reached out to Konnected to see if they have any insight. Beyond the sensor reported state being inverted; they were extrememly consistent and response throughout testing. I’ve been working on this issue for a better part of 8 months.

Hang on, by this:

Do you mean that you are using ESPhome firmware?

Can you share the YAML file for the device?

Should be a simple fix.

Also can you share a link to the actual sensor model you are using?


  1. During initial setup, I vaguely recall updating the Konnected Alarm Pro boards with Firmware using my computer. As for ESPhome, that is what I’m using to integrate / communicate with the Konnected Alarm Pro boards. I’m hoping that answered your question. Regrets on my vagueness.

  2. YAML file. I have zero idea why this is so hard for me. But I’m attempting to use Studio Code Server to access the YAML device file. Sadly, I cannot find it. (see screenshot of what I see when I search for it)

  3. Here’s the sensor info (link) Water Leak or Rain Sensor – Konnected

  4. I’ve tried to update the inverted state but see my point #2 above.

Meanwhile, I have been able to VPN back to the network that is currently hosting Home Assistant & respective sensors. After thinking about your Fireware question I thought perhaps I could use the Konnected App to update the firmware. In doing so, I found another menas of inverting the sensor data. Success – THANK you.

That said, I’m still kicking myself that I can’g get my hands on the YAML device file.