Konnected Status/Availability

Does anyone have any idea on how to determine if the Konnected board is available/connected from Home Assistant or Node Red?

I am trying to make a Node Red flow that checks to make sure all of my sensors are working and reporting correctly. Right now it seems like if the Konnected board stops responding it just looks like there have been no events on the sensors. There isn’t any “connected” attributes that I am aware of.

Does anyone have any information or thoughts on this?

Hello, better late than never. I have had the same concern with my system. Security is obviously a huge concern in South Africa and the reliability of a good solid alarm system is important.

I have set up 4 ping nodes to bing each of my connected boards once every 5 seconds I have that piped to a smooth node over 5 samples this will return a positive number if any pings where returned and a negative number if ALL are false timeouts. the result of this i push to either notifying me via telegram or sounding my siren (still monitoring before waking the neighbours) The thing is, i can handle 25-30seconds of downtime per go and usually they only drop one ping every now and then, so its more to eliminate false positives.

hope this helps