Koogeek door sensor hassio integration

Hello i recently purchased a door sensor koogeek branch. Despite i have been trying to find a way to integrate it into HA, i could not find anything. Anyone knows if is there any way to do it? Thanks a lot in advanced

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Same here. The DW1 is a nice little homekit compatible sensor but does not show up in hass

It connects via bluetooth. Do I need to do something extra to connect bluetooth devices?

And neither by any cloud service like tuya…we will wait…

I have a couple of the Koogeek Door and Window hooked up through Homekit and my Apple TV.

have a look to “homekit controller” i wrote its configuration but nothing happened…i keep investigating.

i could get the homekit code by adding “homekit controller” en HA configuration.yaml, but despite of trying lots of times i always get the answer that the device has not been paired…

I have my koogeek sensors hooked up through Homekit and my Apple TV.
I made 2 input_booleans


I made 4 automations in homekit

And then I made 2 template binary_sensors

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: Achterdeur
        device_class: door
        value_template: "{{ is_state('input_boolean.koogeek_achterdeur', 'on') }}"
        friendly_name: Voordeur
        device_class: door
        value_template: "{{ is_state('input_boolean.koogeek_voordeur', 'on') }}"

This works pretty reliable.

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Genius! Works perfectly :slight_smile:


Can you explain how are the lines in configuration.yaml?


I answer myself.

before -plataform: template I include bynary_sensor: and It works.

Thanls anyway.

Hi! more than a year later i realized you found the solution. I am trying to do it but no idea. how speaks the door sensor between Homekit and HA? I have followed your steps…(creating input boolean but how did you link this with the sensor itself? Thanks in any case!