KoolSmart1.0 - Connect exquisite renderings, visually configure devices, and easily publish Dashboards

KoolSmart is an addon that enhances the functionality of Home Assistant by integrating with the Kujiale design tool. It allows you to directly incorporate renderings generated by Kujiale into your Home Assistant setup. This integration enables “virtual and real control,” enabling seamless communication between smart devices and the rendered designs.

One of the key features of KoolSmart is its support for scene mode setting visually. With this feature, you can create customized scenes within Home Assistant that correspond to specific renderings from Kujiale. By linking these scenes to your intelligent hardware, you can achieve a synchronized control experience where changes made in the virtual environment are reflected in the real world.All these operations do not require writing a single line of code.

KoolSmart Repo: GitHub - manycore-koolab/KoolSmart
Demo Video: 【Home Assistant美化新体验】KoolSmart工具大揭秘!从真实灯光到智能操控全攻略!_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

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