Kostal PIKO and Kostal PIKO IQ support

Thank you for your support!

No difficulty to install and to use this custom piko solution. I have to do some additional tests in the followindgdays.

but I think your job seems perfect.

An example of history ; Kostal PIKO Total DC Input

I found additional informations :
*# 16780544 - Inverter type
*# 16779267 - Info version
*# 16777984 - Inverter name
*# 83888128 - Self-consumption (W)
*# 83886336 - Current home consumption solar (W)
*# 83886592 - Current home consumption battery (W)
*# 83886848 - Current home consumption external (W)
*# 16780032 - Operation Status 0- , 1- , 2- , 3-Feed in (MPP)
and others interesting…

Yeah, I have seen them too.

I will add them.

Also some units are wrong and the yield month should be yield day :slight_smile:

I will fix that. Happy that it works. Addimg additional stuff is easy :slight_smile:

Yes and perhaps to directly limit digit after dot : 122.22

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I have another question, when I tried to find the sensor for the new Energy panel in HA, I found only these two sensors :

yeah, you can use the month sensor.
its naming is currently wrong and should be day - I will fix that too :slight_smile:

Ok I was not sure and was searching the daily …:joy:

You can find a new version in the repository.

Simply replace the files in the custom components folder and restart :slight_smile:

The new version does

  • round the values to two decimal digits
  • fixes the yield month issue
  • adds all (and more) discussed sensors :slight_smile:

Maybe you can help me with finding some icons, please?

thank you for this new version.
Here some proposals (mdi)
Kostal PIKO Own Consumption Day : home-lightning-bolt-outline
Kostal PIKO Home Consumption Solar : solar-power
Kostal PIKO Home Consumption Battery : home-battery
Kostal PIKO Home Consumption Grid : transmission-tower-export
Kostal PIKO Home (do we have export to Grid) : transmission-tower-import
Kostal PIKO Uptime : timer-outline
Kostal PIKO: Kostal PIKO Autarky Day : recycle-variant
Kostal PIKO : Input…Phase…Power : lightning-bolt
Kostal PIKO : for consumption…day : calendar-today
Kostal PIKO : for consumption… month : calendar-today
Kostal PIKO : for consimption…month : calendar-month
I will continue …

Hi Stefan,

we are working on a official component for HA since a few months. You can find the first try for a custom component and the links to the git repos in the following thread:


The official integration will be based on pykostal from DAMKE86 (https://github.com/DAMEK86/pykostal).
We already implemented some extension “scheidtdav” git repos:
GitHub - scheidtdav/pykostal: Python library for kostal piko devices

Maybe we can join forces to make the Kostal Piko component and official integration.

BR Michael

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To be honest I did this work for someone in a German user forum and I thought I share my work in the official HA forum too to get more testers because I do not have access to a PIKO inverter and it looked like there is a real need for that. Especially with the new energy dashboard. I wanted to give something back to the HA community since HA is for free too and I wanted to help. :slight_smile:

I own a PIKO IQ, but the API works completely different here. I have made an integration for that one as well and I also want to bring into the core rather than into HACS, but there development is still ongoing and not yet published.

Your solution looks pretty good and for me it does not make sense to invest more time into it in that case. Then I will continue with my PIKO IQ integration. I don’t think it makes sense to mix the PIKO and PIKO IQ because everything is different. The PIKO IQ is more like the current Plenticore integration, but it also slightly differs from that one.

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Hi Stefan,

thank you for the heads up. I didn’t know that Piko IQ is not using the same API as newer Piko inverters. Maybe it makes sense to discuss your requirement directly with the Plenticore developer to make it more compatibile :slight_smile:

I am trying my best to make the “old” Piko integration available. If someone wants to assist, please let me know :+1:

Hi Stefan

Some additional questions for the config of “energy” option in HACS :star_struck:

I am not sure to use the appropriate sensors:

Whats is the sensors for the daily :

Grid (external) consumption : Kostal PIKO Home Consumption Grid ?

Total production : Kostal PIKO Yied Day ?

Grid (ouput) – return to Grid : Kostal PIKO Grid Output Power ?

Thank you

Do you want others icons ?

I dont get the calendar thing :slight_smile:
Which month sensor do you mean?
Same for input phase power - which one do you mean?

BTW you can change the icons easily on your own in the const.py file. There you find the icon="…" stuff for each sensor. :slight_smile: I have uploaded a new version with some icon changes.

total production (on the solar settings) should be yield day.

grid external should be Home Consumption Day

grid output: this one is definetly wrong, because the one you choose is what your inverter currently provides to your house. here you would need a sensor that calculates the difference between what is provided by your inverter and what is consumed by your house. usually this is meassured by a energy meter. Do you have one?Next can you check the webinterface if you see any value there that tells you how much energy is currently returned tothegrid?

Have you found any issues with the units, formatting or stuff like that?

Hi I have the following errors in the log :star_struck:

Entity sensor.kostal_piko_own_consumption_quota_day from integration kostal_piko has state class total_increasing, but its state is not strictly increasing. Triggered by state 98.9 with last_updated set to 2022-01-30T08:49:12.541734+00:00. Please report it to the custom component author.

09:50:10 – (ATTENTION) Capteur

sensor.kostal_piko_current_self_consumption has unit kW which is unsupported for device_class energy

09:50:10 – (ATTENTION) Capteur

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I will fix that, no problem.

What about my question regarding the grid output? :slight_smile:


for live :

Production : Kostal PIKO Total DC Input
Consuption from Solar : Kostal PIKO Current Self Consumption
Output to Grid : Kostal PIKO Total DC Input - Kostal PIKO Current Self Consumption
Input from Grid : need 83886848

For day :
Production Solar : Kostal PIKO Yield Day
Consumption from Solar : Kostal PIKO Own Consumption Day
Home Consumption : Kostal PIKO Home Consumption Day
Total from Grid : not found
Out to Grid : Kostal PIKO Yield Day - Kostal PIKO Own Consumption Day ?

Hi I add these calculations in the YAML :star_struck:

  • platform: template
    friendly_name: “Kostal Piko Output Grid day”
    unit_of_measurement: “kWh”
    device_class: “energy”
    value_template: “{{ states(‘sensor.kostal_piko_yield_day’) |float - states(‘sensor.kostal_piko_own_consumption_day’) | float }}”

      friendly_name: "Kostal Piko Input Grid day"
      unit_of_measurement: "kWh"
      device_class: "energy"
      value_template: "{{ states('sensor.kostal_piko_home_consumption_day') |float - states('sensor.kostal_piko_own_consumption_day') | float }}"

but these two sensors are not available in the Enerygy config ?