Kostal PIKO and Kostal PIKO IQ support

Hello together,

the current Kostal integration only supports the Kostal Plenticore inverters.

The API of the PIKO IQ is slightly different and the one of the PIKO is completely something new.

I have a working integratino for the PIKO IQ and working on one for somebody for his PIKO inverter.

Now I asked myself if it wouldn’t be worth sharing my work and make it available for everybody. It has no translations and currently the code is still under development. So things may not be that clean :slight_smile:

At the moment I have made 2 seperate integrations for each type. But I am not sure if I shall extent the Plenticore extension and the user can choose a device type during setup and and the hood we switch the sensor logic or if it shall be 2 additional integrations. Also I am a little bit worried that this might get a little bit messy.

Does anybody know how this is done for other inverters with different APIs?

What do you think?

BTW that is the current integration: Kostal Plenticore Solar Inverter - Home Assistant

Thanks and with best regards,

For those not interesting in reading the whole thread (I can understand that ;))
My repos:

There are other implementations too for

If you need help integrating one of my repos into your HA instance read on. There are some tips & tricks how to get the energy board working and stuff like that. Also if you need a bug fix or something simply text me.


I hope you will finalized the piko integratio :+1:

I’m using an custom component for my older kristal piko 5.5 , does this also have an API?

I believe the component I use, is using webscraping

The PIKO has also an API that can be queried using REST. I have found this one on the web for the mapping of the dsxIds (that is how Kostal called the entries): PRTG Kostal 15 (website is in German). At least that is why my buddy confirmed so that I can make the integration for him.

If your webinterface looks like the one shown on the website I have posted you should also be able to use REST to query the values.

You can also simply check by pressing F12 in your browers (Edge, Firefox or Chrome) and open the Network tab and see what is going on. :slight_smile:

@pergola.fabio Which integration are u using?

But shall we make a own integration for each type?

hmm, i think, mine is different, i uses this portal :

local portal looks like below

using this custom, but there is no support for it anymore, because the onwer, his kostal is broken :slight_smile:

Alright - I think yours is a very old PIKO then?

yes indeed :slight_smile:
but linked also to an online portal , isnt that the same?

No, the online portal is a different thing because it requires internet access and my solutions only need local access to the inverter.

ok, no problem , then i stick with my custom component :slight_smile:

@Larnak do integrate your PIKO already somehow?

Hi yes partially through Jeedom / MQTT with api requests, but I tried to directly develop something in HA but without success

Can you please check if you PIKO provides an API using the URL http://—>IP<----/api/dxs.json?dxsEntries=251658753 (this will access the total energy production of you inverter).

You can also check this when opening the webinterface of your inverter and open the development tools (should be CTRL + Shift + i) and select the Network tab.

I have the following :slight_smile:

and CTR ShiFT I is also working with plenty of datas

Alright, so you would be a good candidate for testing, if you like :slight_smile:

But I need some time to get things ready

Perfect at your disposal :ok_hand:

I have started with the implementation: GitHub - sla89/hassio-kostal-piko: Home Assistant Kostal PIKO Inverter Integration

Have to test it locally first but be prepared to be my first beta tester. :slight_smile:

Great job, I am very excited to test your work :star_struck:

Since I have no Kostal PIKO inverter I tested my application using a dummy server responding to the DXS IDs with a value.

So far it looks like it works - now, if you like, you could give it a try on your system.

  1. copy the kostal_piko folder from hassio-kostal-piko/custom_components at main · sla89/hassio-kostal-piko · GitHub into your custom_components folder in the root directory of your home assistant installation.

  2. restart Home Asssistant

  3. Open your sensors.yaml and add

- platform: kostal_piko

or when you do have everything in your configuration.yaml add it there under sensors

  - platform: kostal_piko

Now check the configuration and restart again. Check the logs (I am already praying xD)

If everything is successful you should see a whole bunch of new sensor.kostal_piko… :slight_smile:


I will test your already appreciated work today!

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