Kostal Plenticore integration add writable Sensor "Battery Smart Control" and "Time Control"

It would be really great to have the opportunity to switch between Smart and time based battery charge.

Therefore these 2 sensors need to be available and writable:

or a service to switch between these 2 options, because you need to disable all first, before you can enable the option you want. A service can do this behind the curtain and toggle between smart and time based charge.

other platform, but have you seen this adapter for iobroker? [ioBroker.plenticore/README.md at fcbd233f6288357db9a10d34b96e1882f25c7f0d · StrathCole/ioBroker.plenticore · GitHub](https://iobroker adapter for Kostal plenticore with forecast)
They use even the forecast data to adjust the batterie charching and avoid a 70% cutoff during good days.

@MonsterD thanks for sharing this info.

I tried to solve that issue and had created 2 switches to control these settings. But they want to have a more userfriendly select widget. I spend a lot of hours to get that done, but failed so far. Without any support I guess, this is out of my python-knowledge range.