Koubachi Plant Sensor - is there a possiblity to integrate it in Home Assistant

Hi Together,

a few years ago I bought a lot of Koubachi Sensors. Unfortunately Gardena bought the company and retired their useful service.

My son-in-law has programmed a RaspberryPi and implemented some of the sensors.
Now I can see that they sent the data via PuTTY. They are working but without any visualitisation. I want to know if someone has realized a integration in Home Assistant (similar to the Xiaomi Plant Sensor).

Thank you for your support and help to activate Koubachi again.

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Hello Ingo,

did you find a solution?

I’m new to Home Assistant, started with a Doctor instance as for now.
What I have tinkered with so far: Creating a Koubachi Server based on GitHub - koalatux/koubachi-pyserver within a second container
and running a third with Mosquitto.
So the plant sensors talk to Home Assistant via mqtt and show up like this:

Screenshot 2022-09-13 21.15.20

The mentioned pyserver could be useful for an add-on also.


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Dear Markus,

sorry for the delay. Unfortunately I didn’t come further.
My son-in-law helped me a lot with the Koubachi-Server on pyserver (what you did).
The sensors send data but I don’t have any visulization so far.
The reason is that I’m a very good technican but not experienced in things like that.

How did you manage to talk to Home Assistant? Is there any good any simple manual how to connect to Home Assistant?

I really tried a lot but finally I gave up…maybe I’ll ask my son-in-law again. He’s much better in such stuff than I…

Best regards from Austria