KP303 Kasa power strip and other Kasa plugs local vs cloud status

I need a super thin smart power strip and this kasa kp303 seems to be fairly thin. Is this supported with the TPlink integration and secondly, i’m really interested in using all of these without the cloud.

Does anyone use the KP smart plugs and the power strips without a cloud account ? I know there’s been a long thread about it but not sure what the current status of it is.

Watching. I have a kp303 but I can’t seem to connect it to HA with the built-in integration.

I think ultimately i will with a few zigbee clicksmart power sockets to control the tv. I just can’t shoehorn anymore power sockets/strips behind the tv, especially not if i still need to put a smartplug into them (why i was going with the strip).

Correction - I’ve successfully connected my strip using the OEM provided integration. I just needed to know the IP address of the unit as discovery didn’t work.

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