KVM Image: Let's encrypt successfully installed cert. But no SSL on port 8123

Hi. I’m using the KVM Image of haos.

I installed the Let’s Encrypt Add-On and I can successfully generate and install the certificate.

But the Web-Server still does not listen to SSL. According to my google researches. ssh should be available on the default port 8123, but my HA still replies plain text. Even after rebooting.

Also from what I know the HTTP protocol does not support TLS (upgrade from plain to SSL) but the SSL session has to run on a separate port.

I was unable to find any way to configure the port on which the web-gui-services are listening. So I could also change this to the default ports 80 and 443.

Any help appriciated (and maybe also update the instructions on the Add-On as I find no hint what I could be missing).


Did you add the certificates to your configuration.yaml file?

 ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem 
 ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem

SSL not SSH. It’s not a shell.

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Install apache reverse proxy on port 443 and redirect http port 8123