KVM Install - Map filesystem path

I recently moved my Home Assistant into the KVM install using the qcow2 file provided in the install steps. I now have almost everything back up and running, but one piece that I haven’t really figured out yet is an automation I have that grabs a picture from my cameras when the front gate opens.

Previously I was running Docker containers on Ubuntu and I had a shared path between my HA and Apache dockers. I have a shell_command that will grab the image from a camera and save it to a folder in the HA instance. Because that was a shared directory, I then fired off a text with a url to the image and sent the image to my Shield.

I still have Apache in a docker container on the host, but I haven’t been able to get the shared directory to work. How do other people handle sharing a directory from the host into HassOS when running in a VM like this? I thought I’d be able to add it to the VM hardware details as a filesystem, but when I set it up like this:

I don’t see that carrying into the HassOS image when I use the SSH addon to ls in the /media directory:

Is there another method to get a directory to show inside of HassOS like I’m trying to do? Thanks!

I just realized I need to mount this device in HassOS, so I’m off to reading about that now.

I just made it an NFS mount between host and guest, that seemed the easiest. Now I can write to the host just fine. Off to figure out the next problem!