KVM switch that won't mess up my desktop

I bought a 2 in 1 out KVM switch from Amazon months ago to set up my PC and PS5 with a BENQ MOBIUZ. One thing bothers me. The switching among devices messes up my desktop. I love having things neat and tidy and that did annoy me a lot. Did you guys have the same experience? And this there anything I can do?


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Its the operating system and not your KVM switch that does it.
If your are running Windows, then Windows 11 should have new features coming for this exact problem, but Windows 10 and earlier have to use 3rd party program, that require a user to restore the desktop by pressing a button manually.


I am not sure I am addressing the issue you are facing. But this here is the issue I had and some solutions. Many KVM switches do not include the required hardware/software to keep the HDMI (or other interface) resolution on a port when you switch to another port. The port you switch away from will send some default resolution back to your video card. You can purchase small devices that will lock a resolution in on the HDMI cable regardless of whether a monitor is attached or not, they often go by the name ‘HDMI EDID Emulator’. Some more expensive KVM switches have this function built in to each port. Below are a couple Amazon links. Good hunting!



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Agree with David. You can get an EDID emulator and plug it into the HDMI IN port on your KVM switch, which will then connect to your laptop via an HDMI cable. You need to get two if you want both devices to be memorized. That’s one solution.

Another solution is to get a KVM switch that has this thing built into it. You can ask the manufacturer, and often those cheap KVM switches won’t be supporting this.

I do have a dual monitor KVM switch that supports this. Not sure if you are interested in dual screens. FYI: AV Access 2x1 4K Dual Monitor KVM Switch w/ HDMI