Kwikset 888 locks become unavailable if lock jams

I have a Zooz ZST10-700 for my z-wave controller and have successfully paired all 4 of my Kwikset Smartcode 888 locks to it.

Everything has been working great for about a year now, aside from the fact that if any of the locks jam(door not closed all the way) that lock will become unavailable in HA and I have to go remove the battery pack from the lock in order to fix it. I’ve tried doing a re-interview, rebuild routes, and ping but the only thing that will fix it is removing the battery from the lock and putting it back in.

It’s annoying, but hasn’t really been high on my priority list of things that need fixing around my house considering that the locks are working overall.

Looking at the logs, the lock never reports a 0x09 alarm when it jams…which is weird to me. It just reports the node being dead shortly after sending the lock request, which it confirms as being sent.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

What does your network look like. Do you have repeaters between your lock and controller? Also if you use Z-Wave JS UI you can view the logs and it will tell you why your device is being marked as dead. Just search for the word dead. It will tell you why the device was marked dead. If the device is using repeaters it will tell you where the route is failing.