Kwikset 98880

I have a couple Kwikset 910’s that work flawlessly in my setup. I added a Kwikset 98880, but I’m having trouble with it.

I am able to control the lock, but the lock says status “locked” even when it’s unlocked. The really strange thing is that in the card for the lock, it says status is “Manually Unlocked”, which is correct. But it shows as locked in the states view, and in the little graph.

I notice that in the zwcfg file, the product type comes up as "<Product type="3" id="541" name="Unknown: type=0003, id=0541" />". Neither of the 910’s show as “unknown”.

Any ideas how to remedy this?

Ask the open zwave project to support the lock.

Currently they support:

  <Manufacturer id="0090" name="Kwikset (Spectrum Brands)">
    <Product config="kwikset/smartcode.xml" id="0001" name="Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt" type="0001"/>
    <Product config="kwikset/smartcode.xml" id="0642" name="SmartCode 916" type="0003"/>
    <Product config="kwikset/smartcode.xml" id="0440" name="SmartCode 914" type="0003"/>
    <Product config="kwikset/smartcode.xml" id="0440" name="SmartCode 10" type="0006"/>

found this
hopefully it gets added to the database soon