Kwikset Home Connect 620 Smart Lock State Issues

I have a Kwikset Home Connect 620 Zwave smart lock setup with HA. The device works fine to send lock and unlock commands to however, it rarely reports its state correctly, meaning I never really know if its locked or unlocked which is less than optimal. Anyone using this that might have a work around or fix for this? Perhaps I have a parameter set incorrectly? Maybe 5% of the time it actually reports a state change.
I do have multiple other zwave mains powered devices near by that have no issues. It has 2 hops to the controller so I don’t think its a distance issue. Again, I can send lock and unlock commands fine. Jus the state that I’m struggling with.

I have 2 of these same locks and experience the same problem from time to time. It’s an issue with the firmware of them, which Kwikset doesn’t seem wanting to fix.

What do you have the v4 parameters set to? I can’t find much documentation on what they should be. Feel like there should be some way to poll the device to get an updated state during wake intervals but have no idea how I might go about doing so. Pretty frustrated with this thing. I can send it lock and unlock commands just fine but its critical that I know the state of the lock.

Any luck with this? I have several kwikset locks (the simple rekeying is a great feature) and this 620 is much faster/smoother mechanically than the older 914s but this state issue is a bunch of bunk - I had the same problem with Smart Things (HA noob here). When I spoke to Kwikset they blamed smart things (which was one reason why I was looking forward to the move to HA).

I have 3 of the 620’s. On my first try I couldn’t keep them online. I got replacements from Kwikset and seem to have stabilized that problem, plus added an automatetion (I use Node-Red to ping them if they go into dead node state - maybe 2-3x over the last few weeks). That all said I have no problem getting current states from the nodes. So maybe try a reset / reinstall and see if that helps.

If not, you should be able to poll them through the CC API service (I know it’s available in Node-Red so would assume you could get to it in a base HA install)

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