Kwikset Lock Solution

Looking for help here on switching from Z-Wave to ZigBee…

Today I run a pair of Kwikset z-wave locks (910 and 916) and looking to dump them in favor of the 916 Zigbee model. I am tied to this model for the sake my OCD wife loves the look…

I also use Keymaster and while I LOVE it for the PIN code management, I couldn’t find anything closely modeled after it for the being used and widely discussed about for the Z2M side of the house.

With that all being said does anyone have a solution, it can be dirty they can share to help with the following functions?

  • Multiple pin code management across locks
    • I don’t require scheduling of pin codes on/off etc.
  • Leveraging WHO opened the locks with their pin code, could be slot or even pin code
    • Today I do this automation with keymaster via automations and use it for doing certain things when a specific person opens the door (e.g., Dog Walker):
  - platform: event
    event_type: keymaster_lock_state_changed
      lockname: front_door
  - condition: template
    value_template: "{{ == 3 }}"

I know I can manage some of this outside of HA in Z2M directly but didn’t know if the code slot/pin code used to unlock is something passed over to MQTT today.

I am sure I could write something but not sure if anyone had a good starting base for jumping off of.