Kwikset Premis / HomeKit Device Integration

Hey folks,
I just came into possession of a Kwikset Premis smart lock. It supports Apple HomeKit only. I have access to an iPhone, but my primary hass devices run on HassIO, Windows, and Android. Does anyone know of an existing integration solution that allows controlling the Premis, or HomeKit devices in general, from Home Assistant? I’m aware of the homebridge component, but clearly it’s designed the other way 'round, controlling Home Assistant from HomeKit. Any leads on this? Is it impossible?


I searched but this is the only thread that popped up.

We are an iOS house and enjoy the Premis lock. We upgraded from a Kevo that was buggy at best.

I will soon be migrating Konnected from ST to HA and was hoping to get the Premis on HA first so that its status could alter the alarm system’s status. Its not a deal breaker by any means but I was hoping there might be something out there.