Kwikset Z Wave Lock for sale

First off, I’m sorry if this is not allowed on the forums. I don’t see a marketplace area of the forums and I don’t sell on places like eBay or the likes.

I have a Z Wave deadbolt for sale. It is not compatible with the locks in my new house and I don’t want to carry around two sets of keys so I currently have no use for it. I’ve used it for a couple years and did not have any problems with it. Comes with all of the screws, parts, brackets, and the two keys. It can also be re-keyed to work with existing Kwikset keys using the included Kwikset “SmartKey”. This will only work on the US Z Wave frequency and is NOT the SmartCode series and does not come with an external keypad.

Manufacturer: Kwikset
Model Line: Signature Series Traditional
Model: 910-S-TRL-ZW-15
Color: Satin Nickel
Features: US Z Wave frequency, single external deadbolt, 2 keys with SmartKey re-keying tool

Kwikset’s product page:

Asking $100 (PayPal) and shipped only to a US address in the contiguous 48 states or local pickup if you’re in the SE Wisconsin or NE Illinois area.

Did you get it to work with hassio? I have one that i just cant get it to pair with , was hoping maybe you had some experience getting one to work

Yes the lock works just fine in HA. Set a network key for the ZWave network in the configuration then add the lock using “add node secure”. This is the only way to have complete control of the lock. Failing to do either of these steps results in status info but no control of the lock.