Kwikset Zwave Entities Disagree

I just upgraded from HA 2020.2.2 to 2022.6.6, and from OpenZWave to Zwavejs2mqtt. There was much renaming of ZWave entities and editing of yaml code (and a custom component) and all is back to normal now. That is, better than it was (thanks to ZWaveJS). Except that discovery automatically gave me two entities for each Kwikset lock: a lock/unlock button with current state icon, and a sensor with “The current status of the door”. While the lock/unlock button and status icon agree with the state of the lock, the sensor does not: the door is locked but the status says it’s open. I could hide the sensor entity, but I’d rather know why it’s behaving this way.

Sorry, I meant 2021.2.2, not 2020.2.2.

The “current status of the door” sensor is one you can disable, these locks do not support this feature and always report the door as “open”.

Thanks for the reply!