Label: allow changing the label ID

When using the brand new labelling system (which is great :+1:) and creating a new label in the UI, HA obviously creates the label with a name (it’s the string you type in when creating) and an ID (which seems to be a cleaned and lowercased string based on the name you give).

When changing the name later on, the initially given ID remains unchanged.


  • create a label named “Heating”
  • HA creates label with name “Heating” and ID “heating”
  • change the name to “Heat”
  • label has now the name “Heat” and the ID “heating”

This behaviour is absolutely reasonable in most cases I guess.

But there may be situations where I create a label and stick it to many items (automations, entitites, whatever…).
When I now want to change the label, I only can change the name, not the ID. Especially when using the label in templates I always have to face a discrepancy between the ID I have to use and the real name (and maybe meaning) of the label.

I understand that an ID is nothing more than an unique thing without any further meaning but the ID is created from the initial name and so in practice it gets a meaning.

Possible solutions:

  • create a random ID which has nothing to do with the name (but this is probably not preferred since it may make templating more difficult)
  • allow changing the ID

Thank you for the great work.